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 [HELP] Important Taunts

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PostSubject: [HELP] Important Taunts   25th February 2007, 9:11 pm

This is a list of important taunts that are very useful during game. In Clan Wars (CW), Friendly Clan Wars (FCW) and only train, these taunts can help you.

Important Taunts

¤"Danger in base" or "Base in danger"
¤"EFC down" or "EFC low": Enemy Flag Carrier down
¤"EFC mid": Enemy Flag Carrier middle
¤"EFC up" or "EFC high": Enemy Flag Carrier high
¤"FFC down" or "EFC low": Friendly Flag Carrier down
¤"FFC mid": Friendly Flag Carrier middle
¤"FFC up" or "FFC high": Friendly Flag Carrier high
¤"Enemy low" or "INC low": Incoming Enemy low
¤"Enemi middle" or "INC mid" : Incoming Enemy mid
¤"Enemi high" or "INC high": Incoming Enemy high
¤"Flag return": The flag has been returned
¤"Clear": Situation back to normal
¤"I Need Backup": Tell team that u need help

There is a software that help you make your taunts really fast and easily that editing taunts document. You can find the link to download it bu clicking Here
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[HELP] Important Taunts
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