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 Submitting Maps

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Submitting Maps Empty
PostSubject: Submitting Maps   Submitting Maps Empty24th May 2007, 5:58 pm

When you have finished making a map, compile it to PMS and it will automatically save the compiled map to the Soldat/Maps folder.

Mapmaker is good, but it isn't recommended.

What's recommended is using Anna's Soldat Polyworks, a soldat map-making program with rich interfaces and tools, such as snap polys to grid.

When you have compiled and saved a map, create a folder, naming it the map's name. Inside, create three new folders, naming each one Map, Textures, and Sceneries. Then put in the sceneries used for the map, and the texture (default texture isn't needed.), and the compiled map, too.

After that, send it to a .zip or .rar file (you can find a free .rar unpacker on the internet.)

Create a account at rapidshare.com for uploading map files. If you have an registered account at soldatforums or eliteCTF, attach it to their upload system. If you have done the upload on either forums, provide a link to your maps here. At rapidshare, do the same.

Now for posting a picture of the map. First, turn off the grids (if it is on.) and fit on screen.
You have to take a screenshot of it. You can try one of these, depending on the type of computer you have.

Press FN+Prt Scr on your laptop keyboard

Press Alt+Prt Scr on your eMachines keyboard

Press Prt Scr on your standard keyboard

Press Apple+Shift+3 on your Mac keyboard

Then open the Paint programs and Paste it in there. (Ctrl+V for shortcut)
Save it as a JPEG or PNG file, then upload it on servimg.com, the standard image hosting site for this kind of forums.

JPEG makes you upload your images faster, but produces slightly fuzzy pictures depending on the quality.

PNG is slightly slower to upload than JPEG, but produces such high-quality images, it's recommended.

BMP: Bitmap images, standard save files for Paint, shouldn't be used. Sure, the quality would stay the same, but it takes forever to upload, depending on your internet connection.

And finally, if you DO have some maps that are actually finished and looks good, you can upload them on Ivel and jrgp's Mapping Showcase

You can create a account there, upload screenshots/images and maps straight from your computer, and they can rate your maps.

As of right now, if your maps looks kinda bad or terrible, don't submit it on their site, submit it here, or the other prominent soldatforums and the members can help you improve it.
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Submitting Maps
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